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Boracay of the north: Anda beach

It’s called the little Boracay of the north — and with good reason.

Tondol beach in Anda, Pangasinan is blessed with white sand and crystal clear waters.

A perfect destination for those looking to enjoy Boracay-like conditions even with a shoestring budget.

This summer paradise is nine kilometers from the main town of Anda.

It’s a long trip from Manila but tourists say it’s worth it.

Kids will also have a grand time swimming or engaging in water sports since the beach has a long stretch of shallow area.

For those looking for some island-hopping adventure, they can explore the nearby Cory island, named after the late President Corazon Aquino.

There, you can stay at hotels near the beach for as little as 500 pesos. But if you’re in a tight schedule, you can rent a shed for only 250 pesos.
With its pristine surroundings, Tondol beach is Anda’s pride.

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